Cleaning day

I’ve been trying to make a habit of doing a lot of cleaning on my days off, to offset the fact that I’m really lazy on days that I close. I make a list every time. Sometimes I only get a little bit done, amd sometimes I get most of it done. Today is one of the days I get most of my list done. I’m about 60% through my list. My kitchen is pretty fucking clean and it looks great. Just another round of dishes and wiping down the front of the fridge and dishwasher and then it’s all done. Then on to vacuuming the entire house and some odds and ends.

I like these small productive spurts I have. Keeps me from oversleeping and over napping.

Swiffer Mop to the Rescue

I read on Lifehacker not too long ago some cleaning tips, one of them being to use a Swiffer mop to clean shower walls. Sounded like a good idea to me because I’m short and our shower walls go all the way to the ceiling. I bought that mop last week and finally used it today.

And damn, does it make life easier.

I knew it would work, but was surprised by HOW well it worked. Easiest 30-60 seconds of my life and my back doesn’t hurt. That mop is my new *cleaning* best friend.


Sterling Silver Celtic Glow In The Dark Ring

This ring, crafted out of sterling silver, features an ornate Celtic knot pattern. When worn in the dark, the ring glow bright blue in color. Available in sizes 4-10. Sold on Etsy.

I need this too.


Glow In The Dark Double-Finger Ring>

Fully adjustable and plated in 18k white gold, this elegant ring covers your entire upper finger. This piece is adorned with fine crystals and glows a bright blue color when worn in the dark. Sold on Etsy.

I need this in my life right now.

So I really don’t want to hear anything about marriage or engagement for the next long while. Every time I hear something about marriage, I get really upset. I get jealous and I don’t know why. I believe marriage is fairly unnecessary anymore. Why spend a lot of money to show friends and family how much you love your partner just to have a party then take a vacation with your partner to relax and have sex when you do all that anyway? What is the point of marriage anymore other than tax and insurance benefits?

I don’t know why I get so upset over this, but I seriously want to cry and break things.


Wayne watches the show Girls and finds it really funny. I honestly don’t get it. I’ve watched a few episodes and don’t find it funny. I find Hannah in particular very annoying and I want to hit her in the face most of the time. This makes Wayne laughs because he thinks I’m a lot like Hannah.

So I went online and took a few quizzes. Twice I got Hannah, once I got Shoshanna. Wayne thought that was pretty accurate. I’m slightly offended about the Hannah part because I think the character is a horrible person. He defended me by saying that the character is a horrible person but I am not. I just looked at like, “The fuck is wrong with you?” He says he loves me, which I believe.

And at the end of all this, I still don’t get it.

Why do all the painkillers that work have to have fucking NSAIDS in them? Ibuprofen just doesn’t cut it.

Coming Soon: A New Ebay Page

Over the next week, I will be listing some of my personal items on Ebay. These items include clothing, books, comical, and some random stuff. I’m doing this just in case we move. That, and I have too much stuff that I will never touch again.

When the page is up, I’ll post a link here. I hope you guys will at least check it out, even if you don’t end up buying anything (but buying stuff would be awesome).

I’ve never had an Ebay page before, so I hope this works out.

Today was my first full day back at work since the 17th (I had tried to work last Wednesday and lasted two hours before having to go home). I had a massive panic attack this morning about it and was shaky the whole ride over. After a few hours, I wasn’t as emotional and by the end of the day, I felt like my normal self again.

Each time someone said, “Great to have you back!” it would make me feel pretty guilty for missing so much work. But I figure of I could handle today, then maybe in a few weeks I can talk about what happened.

I have a followup appointment next Friday that I hope won’t interfere with work. I really hope I’m told that I have a clean bill of health and can actually do whatever I want again. It’s kinda sucked not doing too much the last two weeks.

So yeah. That was my day.

Jealous or …?

A few weeks ago, my sister told me that she and her boyfriend got engaged. It was nice to hear for her because she is one of those girls who is perfect for being married, and her boyfriend is pretty perfect for her too. I honestly wish her the best. When I told Wayne the news, he asked if I was jealous. And I said yes, I was, but simply because she’s going to have something I won’t. If you have siblings, you know what it’s like when one of your siblings get something and you pout when you don’t get the same thing because it “isn’t fair”. It’s that kind of jealousy.

Since then, I have heard of three or four more people getting engaged. I know when you want a baby and can’t have one, all you want is a baby. When you’re single, all your see are couples. So it seems logically that since I’m not engaged, I am noe more aware of the number of people getting married. But does this actually mean that whatever I’m feeling is jealousy?

I’m not saying I want to get engaged tomorrow and be married and all that jazz. Although I want a shiny ring, I don’t want an engagement ring. I want a shiny ring because I like shiny things (and I already have a watch and bracelet that I can’t change). I’m really picky about jewelry. I have fairly neutral feelings about the concept of marriage, while Wayne mostly doesn’t believe in marriage. I knew from a young age that if I got married, it would depend on the guy/relationship. I knew I wouldn’t beg married just to get married.

So why am I kinda pouting every time I see that someone else has gotten engagement?