I had no idea you could recycle so much shit. Not sure where it goes, but at least the vast majority of Florida counties provide the option.

I think I might be slowly becoming a hipster.

I try not to freak out at work when I see how much we throw away that can be recycled but don’t. It makes me want to scream. All displays come in cardboard boxes and many have extra cardboard, plastic wrap or air pillows as padding. The displays themselves are usually made of cardboard but sometimes made of plastic. All the cardboard is thrown in a baler and taken god knows where. I can only hope it gets recycled. But all the plastic gets thrown in the dumpster. I hate that we don’t have a plastic recycling program. On top of that, the ad tags we use can not be reused. If you use only half the sheet, the rest is garbage. Same with mylars, clearance tags, bulls eyes and text signage. Many stores will reuse printer paper if one side is used, but after that, it is thrown out instead of being put in the baler. All of our flyers are often thrown out and they’re tied up in plastic. God forbid a corporate company be more green.

Because of my new-found aversion to plastic, I am more onboard with replacing plastic household items with either glass or stainless steel alternatives. Before, I was open to Wayne’s idea, just not active in my participation. Now I’m all far for it and looking for stuff myself, starting with a French press coffee maker. The one I ordered off Amazon is all glass and stainless steel - absolutely no plastic. I’m pretty excited about it which makes me feel really nerdy.

Going RAW

Since Wayne and I are trying to eat better and do more to have a smaller impact on the environment, we figured we would do the same for our pets, starting with the cat. Why the cat? Because our dog is on a special urinary s.o. food which needs veterinary guidance into switching to a natural food.

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Another Kitchen Success

I cooked dinner last night (first time in about a week or so) and it was awesome. I had a bit of trouble finding a recipe for pork chops that didn’t involve a grill, but the one I did find, from AllRecipes, was a hit. Garlic powder, cumin, salt and pepper was all I needed for the pork and a few minutes on each side in a skillet. Unfortunately, cooking on the skillet with olive oil creates a lot of smoke and the ventilation in my house isn’t that great. Smoke also freaks out my dog. Other than that, the pork was great. Definitely a recipe I will use again.

Why does my printer hate me? Unless Wayne is around, my printer doesn’t want to communicate with my computer.

I don’t want to be an adult anymore. Finding a doctor really sucks.

I ordered a few more things for my ukulele. I’m still having trouble tuning that top string, but maybe new strings would help (?). I mostly just want to re-find my passion for music. I used to love playing my viola and I still turn to jelly when I hear heavily instrumental music. I just want to rekindle an old flame with music and I hope to achieve that with my new ukulele.

I now have a ukulele and I’m so excited. I’m having a hard time tuning it and it scares me a bit. I’ve had too many strings break not to be scared of tuning. I tried using a tuning app on my phone and I don’t like the three I tried. I ordered one from ebay and I hope it works. Until then, I will have an out-of-tune ukulele to play.

"Get your shit together and fight terrorists like snakes and bees!"

John Oliver on “Last Week Tonight”

So many recipes, so little money to buy ingredients.